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  • If you think Yoga is something you need but don't feel flexible enough to try it
  • If you think meditation is something that would help you but can't imagine sitting still or being able to empty your mind
  • If you have tried breathing deeply and end up short of breath

This class is for you!

Breathe•Body•Glow is 60 minute moving meditation class blending yoga, pilates and tai chi. Customization is encouraged while you are guided through movements connected to breath. The class can be as challenging or as gentle as you decide. If one particular series of movement flow feels wonderful to your mind and body, you are encouraged to remain in that flow as long as it feels good to you. All movements can be achieved in street clothes but comfortable clothing that feels good on your body is encouraged.

Oxygen is essential for life. Optimize your intake and utilization of this life giving resource. By mastering simple breath~movement techniques you can decrease anxiety, create energy, improve mood, warm yourself, and have body systems that function at optimum levels, giving you glowing skin, improved digestion, and boundless energy. These classes are for anyone, of any age, at any fitness level. First class is free! Private sessions and Money-saving packages available.

Beth Logsdon, Breathe•Body•Glow creatress, is a certified yoga instructor. These are her words to describe her journey thus far:

My training and practice feels like coming home.  The combination of disciplines I use creates the flexibility to truly customize a plan for you.

It's easy to say I love everything about yoga but if I have to pick my favorite part, It's the feeling of being fully in my physical body instead of only residing in my very busy mind.

I know I am not alone in many of my thoughts. Sharing my practice with others so they can discover their own journey is what I love most about being a yoga guide.

About Beth

Beth's love of yoga began in 2000 when a gap in her work day led her to Synergy yoga studio. She was an enthusiastic student and daily class attendee until the studio closed in 2011. After several years of private study Beth decided she should teach what she loved and completed her yoga studies in May, 2018.

Beth's classes offer a safe, fun and nourishing space in which to explore, unwind and connect to your breath, your body, and your heart. Exploration and customization are encouraged as you sense into what your body needs. This class can be as energetic or as gentle as feels right for you.

Portraits of Beth photographed by Carissa Mosley
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